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Welcome all to my humble OTR home ;]

    This site was created to share my love of Old Time Radio.  Of course, what you will find here is mostly my own library and my lists of missing shows from different OTR's. 

   Alright, I had long abandon this website, actually let it rot for about 8 years without ever even bothering with updating it. Things are changing, I'm cleaning up my collection, transfering everything to DVD. Shouldn't be long before I can provide the update.

Just a few links:

More links:

bullet Old Time Radio (OTR) Trader Message Board
bullet Jerry's Vintage Radio Logs (god I hate his annoying music ;] )
bullet OTR Collector Tools (good page to start with)
bullet Links of links, of more links (very ugly yellow ;] )
bullet (very good page filled with gazillion logs, that and the well worth OTR Vault utility, it's worth the few bucks!)
bullet OTR Jason Carr's
bullet Jack's List of Old Time Radio Pages (massive link site, but seems out of date)

bullet Ergos MP3List Utility
bullet Advance Disk Catalog (perfect disk catalog utility)
bullet (more powerful than)
bullet (very good file hunter)
bullet WonDirPrint (prints out a entire directory of files names, very usefull!)
bullet Helium - MP3 (wipe those pesky ID Tags and more! They are quite a few bugs though)


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I am a Quebec collector, and proud of being a Québécois ;]

This site was created 07/03/01

  And last updated on Monday, 27 April 2009 Mmm seems I'm still alive!